Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop ~ More than Exist

Good Morning! The Seven 11 Blog Hop is a monthly feature, where participating authors share seven lines from their WIP on the 11th of the month.

This month, I'm offering a little tease from More than Exist, which releases on May 18, 2015. This is a Women's Fiction title. Back in November, before I started working on 10 Years, I was working on this and set it aside. I teased it in November's Hop, but it had a different working title, and the basis of the story has changed a bit, but you can check out that tease here.

*This is a rough draft*

            “What do you say?” I asked when she came into focus.
            “Yes,” she answered happily. “I’m in.”
            “To road trips,” I said, raising my glass in a toast.
            “To Belle and Ginger’s Journey of Fun,” Ginger said excitedly.
            Belle and Ginger’s Voyage of Laughter,” I replied.
            Belle and Ginger’s Expedition of …” Ginger looked confused for a moment, then giggled. “I can’t think of anything else.”
            As I laughed along with my newfound friend, I had high hopes that my solitary trip would now include a little bit of excitement.


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Monday, March 2, 2015

Cover Reveal of Endure by Beth Maria

Endure by Beth Maria

After everything we had endured together, we were finally getting married. He was finally becoming mine and I was finally becoming his. Life was perfect.
A year later, we decided it was time to take the next step in our marriage – trying for a baby. It’s what I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember – what we’ve both wanted. But sometimes, for some people, it doesn’t always happen like it’s meant to. Sometimes it isn’t your time to have a baby and the endurance of failure leaves you only a half the person that you once were. Our perfect life was crumbling.
Were we strong enough to endure this test?





Beth Maria is a mother, writer and avid reader. She loves reading and writing about bad boys who end up falling in love when they least expect it and HEA’s.
She is the author of Alive, Freedom and Endure in The Mended Heart Series and Worth The FIght.
Beth Maria loves listening to music that inspire her when writing her next book and scouting the internet for her next muse.

Connect with Beth:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cover Reveal of Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt

Claudia Whitsitt's book Between the Lines will be released on March 20th, and I'm happy to share the cover reveal for her middle grades historical fiction with you.

Between the Lines tells the story of three girls who become friends during the racially-charged aftermath of the 1967 Detroit Riots.

Hattie Percha is crushed when the riots start on her tenth birthday, and when she must move away from her treasured childhood home and friends, attending public school for the first time, she’s afraid her life is over. Then, she meets Beverly Jo Nichols, her first black friend, and Crackers, a fearless tomboy. Despite opposition from Hattie’s mother and a racist teacher, the threesome joins forces. As the self-proclaimed Dream Girls, they challenge bigotry and intolerance, willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s most precious to them all, their friendship.

Claudia Whitsitt was a teacher before she became an author. She loves children and smiles every time someone reads one of her books.

You can preorder your copy today at:


Monday, February 9, 2015

True Confessions Blog Hop ~ Losing It: A Collection of V-Cards

Confession: I was really boy crazy as a teen. I loved watching my favorite movies over and over again. I just knew that I was going to grow up and marry River Phoenix. When he died, I was crushed! These really just scratch the surface of my movie mania and I will still stop everything and watch, if I happen to come across them on TV. I had posters wallpapering my walls from the pages of Teen Beat, with all of my celebrity crushes!

What are some of your favorites?


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